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FLOW Water Jet
6/30/2011 11:23:07 AM

The team at DeepWater Rental and Supply is proud to announce the next addition to their steadily growing line of specialty products and services. We are adding a Flow Mach 3 Waterjet cutter to our shop which will broaden and increase our abilities in custom equipment fabrication or projects. The Mach 3 Waterjet has a 10’ 2” X 6’ 6” cutting area; this will allow us not only to offer services for customer projects, but it will also improve the speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of our quick turn-around custom tooling projects. The Mach 3 Waterjet is a very versatile machine that is able to cut through a number of different materials while also eliminating the typical tapering imparted on material cut by conventional waterjets. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities continue to expand for in-house built rental tools as well as tooling package sales. Adding the Mach 3 to our shop will help carry our quickness and quality precision work to a level unmatched by our competitors. The setup, calibration and installation of the Mach 3 will be taking place in the first week of July. We currently employ 2 Flow trained operators to ensure a quick turn-around time on any last minute projects.

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