Water Jet Cutting DeepWater Has 2 available water jet cutting tables. 5'x10 and 6' x 12'. 
Superior edge quality with no heat on material.

Design Services

DeepWater can provide job specific tooling designs and Engineered solutions.

Tooling Support
Tooling managment: Deepwater can provide storage, tracking, testing, servicing, mobilization and demobilization of your companies tooling assests.

Test Tank
Deepwater Rental provides complete SIT services here at our facility complete with test tank, or onsite at your location.

3D Scanning Services

We can provide 3D scanning services for small and large parts with accuracy
up to 0.002 in.

Using Rapidform XOR software which combines CAD with 3D scan data processing lets us create parametric, editable solid models of virtually anything we can scan. This service allows us to provide customers with the fastest path possible to an end designs, redesign or reverse engineering solution.



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