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Water Jet Cutting

Water jet systems enjoy several noteworthy advantages over other 
cutting methods:  speed, precision, minimal thermal and mechanical stress, 
limited material loss, and reduced environmental contamination by dust 
and fumes. Because water jet technology creates little localized heat, water
 jet cutting is particularly desirable for cutting specialized and grade materials. 
Water-jet cutting of pre-hardened materials will eliminate secondary heat 
treating and stress relieving operations. 

Stream lag and taper are no longer an issue in the waterjet process, 
the most versatile  cutting tool, with the addition of DYNAMIC Waterjet 
Cutting, has been transformed into  a system that is highly competitive 
with alternative cutting methods in accuracy, precision, and speed.

Precise cuts. With custom waterjet cutting, we can achieve complex bevel cuts up to 70 degrees from the vertical. 

No heat used. The absence of a heat-affected zone (HAZ) means that the cut materials remain unchanged – a benefit that plays a huge role in parts reliability.

Meeting the strictest tolerances. Waterjet technology enables very tight tolerances meeting or exceeding 0.005” and within 0.001”-0.002” on thinner, smaller parts.

Cutting through virtually all materials. Our CNC waterjet cutting allows for the cutting of all types of brittle materials, such as glass, rock, and laminated materials, like composites.

Less wasted material. Reducing the amount of scrap materials produced, allowing us to pass the savings along to our customers. 

Environmentally friendly. Waterjet uses approximately one-half to one gallon per minute which is recycled using a closed-loop system. No water is discharged from our system. The entire waterjet cutting process is very clean, and no dust, by-products, or chemical air pollution are created. It’s the most eco-friendly cutting solution available.


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